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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? 1 September

Sunday Readings:

Ecl.3:19-21; Heb12:18-24; Lc 14:1-14

Today Jesus teaches us how we should behave when we are invited to a party. Where are we going to sit? When it comes to choosing the place, one of these attitudes can arise: That of those who consider themselves "better" than the others, and pretend to the top positions, Jesus in the Gospel reproaches this behavior.

The other way of acting is what Jesus asks: to prepare to spontaneously occupy the last place, that is, to be servants of others, without claiming privileges. We all know that in the eyes of God, who pretends to be more, will be humbled; and who recognizes his smallness, will be honored. Therefore, there is no way to be humble when choosing a position.

Who should you invite to a party? What Jesus asks is that we do not do things out of pure interest: “I do a favor to who I know can give it back to me. The point is that anyone does that (also a non-Christian). That is why Jesus highlights the good done to those who have no way of giving it back (the poor) And this is another basic attitude of the Christian: selflessness, which together with the attitude of the previous parable (humility), results in poverty of spirit.

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