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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?

Lord, Increase

our Faith

Faith, in its simplest definition, can be understood as "believing what is not seen", "expecting what does not yet happen". And from this definition we realize that humanly it is not easy, since we are accustomed to trust only in our senses allow us to perceive and understand, but even the senses are very easy to deceive. It may seem surprising to us that the disciples asked Jesus for an increase in faith. Were they not seeing him? Wasn't his word, his works, his miracles not enough to have faith in him as the Son of God? Apparently not; because the apostles did not see beyond a man who did extraordinary things, some of which they were not able to understand. Faith invited them to go further, to experience the presence of God in that man.

The prophet Habakkuk (in the first reading) also makes an invitation to preserve the faith, despite the injustices and adversities. The people of God, in the midst of their trials, must continue to trust, since their faith will save them. And St. Paul urges Timothy to renew the gift of faith and the mission he has received as a disciple of Christ.

For us, Christians of this time, it is also necessary that we keep the faith, know it and make it strong. The personal and community trials are also many. And for that very reason, the temptation of discouragement and despair also are around us. May our request to God on this Sunday be the same as the apostles of Jesus did: “Lord: Increase our faith.

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