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Volunteering and Ministries in our Cathedral

All of us who have been baptized have the ability to serve in the name of Jesus. Volunteering, serving people through a Church ministry is a concrete way to share the faith we have received in our baptism.

Being an Usher, Catechist, Lector, Communicator, Acolyte, and Minister Extraordinary of the Eucharist; being a member of a group (youth, bible, marriage, prayer, theater); volunteering in any of the activities we do periodically here in the Church of Saint Matthew is a practical way to participate in the apostolic and missionary activity of the People of God.

In each group of the Church, specific training is received to be well prepared spiritually, encouraging the encounter with God in such a way that it provokes in the volunteers that spirit of service and gratuitousness that characterizes our community of Saint Matthew.

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