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Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed

On November 2nd of each year, we celebrate the commemoration of the Faithful Departed (all souls day). United in prayer we commend relatives and friends to God in a new process of the transformation of the earthly life to a better life.

Brothers and Sisters, the truth is that through death, the life of our relatives and friends has been transformed, becoming peaceful, happy, and calm without any suffering or pain. Our loved ones disappear physically from us, but they go to a better place.

In life we have a mission and those who are no longer with us do not; because they have fulfilled it. There, in the Father’s house, everything will be quiet and peaceful, there, time is eternal. Death has no more dominion because God, the creator has taken us out of darkness by sending us Jesus Christ His only begotten son to be the light in our path.

“Death is the companion of love, it is the one who opens the door

and allow us to go to the one we love”.

Saint Agustin.

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