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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?

Sunday Readings: Is 2:1-5; Rom 13: 11-14; Mt 24: 37-44

Today the readings make reference to waiting for the second coming of Christ in his glory, at the end of time. We are invited to be vigilant, to be ready and receive the Lord as soon as He reaches the end of time. We know that Jesus will come as King and Lord of creation and we should be waiting because we are His disciples.

Our Lord Jesus Christ will also present Himself as judge of the nations; every man and woman will be judged in love. While He arrives we wait actively; that is why this time is not a time of fear, but rather of vigilance to be in prayer, to attend to the needs of the brothers, those of our own family and also the marginalized, the sick, the exiled, etc.

While we wait for Christ, the Church encourages us to leave ourselves to find Him in the world, especially in the people who suffer most. That means being vigilant, and this vigilance must be fed by a firm faith to continue walking towards the mountain of God, to which all peoples are invited, as the prophet tells us in the first reading.

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