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  • Fr. Tarcisio

Happy New Year

We are gathered to celebrate together the last Sunday of this year 2019. We usually live this time of year immersed in parties and family gatherings, and we do not have time to think a little about what situation we are or how we feel. That is why today we want to invite you to seek for a moment of tranquility, in a suitable space, so that you think of yourself as a person, think about your family, review all the good and bad things that you have had to live during this year, the good and bad experiences, your triumphs and your defeats.

The most important thing is that you have reached this point and, with God's help, you can prepare to live the following months strengthened by faith and hope thankful for all the good you have received; learn from your mistakes to not repeat them again and remember that there is nothing written for the days to come. Think of your family, your friends, the people next to you, that they may be your motivation to be better, to learn, to improve yourself. Happy New Year

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