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  • Fr. Martin

27th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME. Reflection of the Word of God.


In the reading of Genesis today we find a very clear affirmation of the equality between man and woman: God creates the woman from the side, it does not come from the head or the foot of the man, which means that it is neither by above, not below, but on an equal footing. The two alike in personal dignity.

The man exclaims his admiration for the woman and recognizes himself in her: "This is indeed bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!", Unlike what happened to all other living beings: "none proved to be the suitable partner for the man" (Gn 2:20); he now finds not a servant, but a companion to form one flesh, the family unit.

Being "one flesh" is a way of explaining a relationship that encompasses all dimensions of human relationship: physical, economic, psychological, and spiritual. Being one flesh means establishing freely and among equals a love relationship that, like the flesh, being one, cannot be separated without leaving deep wounds that affect the meaning of existence. Let us pray for family unity, today.

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