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Almsgiving during lent season

Almsgiving is giving from the heart. It is giving of what we have; It is sharing our bread. Almsgiving, fasting, and prayer, as presented by Jesus, are the expressions of our conversion. Almsgiving will allow us to live effective charity. Almsgiving is money or goods given to the poor or other acts of charity performed for them.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that almsgiving is “a testimony of fraternal charity” and “a practice of justice that pleases God” (n. 2462). Almsgiving, along with prayer and fasting, is a fundamental part of Lent. Almsgiving is sharing with the “suffering Christ” present in our most needy brothers.


Almsgiving flows from prayer and fasting. When we open ourselves to others and reflect on the needs of the world, we then discover how God calls us to meet those needs by sharing what we have. In prayer, we discover that it is important to care for the needs of others.


Fr. Martin


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