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  • P. Claudio

Feast of All Saints & Commemoration of All Faithful Departed

These first days of November invite us to meditate on one of the truths that we recite in our Creed: The communion of saints, which is nothing other than the perfect union of the members of the mystical body of Christ who have been incorporated into it by Baptism through the ages. The spiritual goods of some are communicated to others, forming a common fund for the benefit of all. The least of our acts done with charity has repercussions for the benefit of all, in a solidarity between the baptized, living or dead... Some of us still make pilgrimages on this earth; others already deceased, are purified; while others are glorified, contemplating God face to face, one and triune. All united in one Church: the triumphant, the purgative and the pilgrim. The three states of the Church united in the one family of God.

P. Claudio

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