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Dear Community of Saint Matthew:

We are on the Fourth Sunday of Advent and thus we arrive at one of the most important dates for our Faith: The Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has not been an easy year, as we are still suffering from the Covid 19 pandemic. However, Christmas comes to bring us hope, joy and optimism; because the presence of God in our midst is of great comfort and security.

We hope that each family can celebrate these beautiful holidays with harmony and without excesses. Let us ask God for forgiveness for all the mistakes made during this year; but at the same time let us give thanks for all the blessings received.

We continue to pray for each one of you, especially for the sick. May God fill you with peace, faith, strength and joy. Let us continue along this journey of faith, reflecting on the Word of God every Sunday, in the Eucharist. Participating in the best way in the celebrations. We wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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