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  • P. Martin

Gaudete Sunday Rejoice!

Gaudete is the name given to this third Sunday of Advent that we celebrate today. In Latin "Gaudete" means "rejoice", "rejoice." And indeed, we are already near Christmas, the arrival of the Lord is close, the birth of our Savior is already felt, the reason for our joy.

The readings invite us to always be happy. The pink candle of the Advent wreath is lit and the songs are emphasized as an expression of joy. All these signs should help us to experience the joy of living and especially of knowing that Christ is about to be born.

The Church does not invite you to worship the Lord in joy because the Lord is now here and at hand. Saint Paul invites us to rejoice, to always live joyfully and urges us to prepare ourselves to meet the Savior through prayers and actions of grace (Eph 5: 16-24). May this Sunday be an opportunity to experience the joy of God in your family.

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