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Happy New Year 2021

Perhaps many of us have longed for the year 2020 to end already, to move away from the pandemics that have hurt us collectively and individually throughout this time.

With 2021 on the calendar now very close, it seems that maybe... just maybe... we can start over with everything we had pending at some point. Given the opportunity, we, along with all of creation, have the God-given ability to renew ourselves, that is, to be “new again”, not just every end of the year, but every moment of our lives.

An essential ingredient for renewal is peace. The Church calls us to follow Christ: "The Way of Peace." We as a church invite you: "with hearts full of hope, despite the dangers and difficulties that surround us," we pray for and choose peace for ourselves and for the world in all that we plan renew this year.

It is time to be "new again." Let's get going, on the road to Peace.

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