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With the celebration of Holy Thursday not only the Easter Triduum is opened. On this day we remember the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper, but at the same time with the very Words of Jesus Christ: "Do this in commemoration of me", he entrusts to his disciples the task of continuing to celebrate this Sacrament in the communities (priestly ministry).But they must carry out this mission as a service to others, not as a privilege; For this reason, this sign of self-giving is accompanied by the example of the washing of the feet.

When Jesus got up from the table, he takes off his cloak and as the humblest servant begins to wash the feet of his disciples. Today is a day to renew our commitment to truly live each Eucharist, to value the sacrament of the priesthood as a service, and to commit to imitating the example of Jesus by serving others.

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