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  • P. Tarcisio

Lent: Change and conversion

One of the expressions that resonate the most during this Lenten season is the word


But what does it mean? This term comes from the Latin "Conversio" and means "return", "change". In the religious context, it means changing your life, taking a different course from the one that has been followed. Mainly leaving behind the bad decisions, the mistakes, the sins that have led us to break our relationship with God or with our brothers.

The most important thing about Lent is that it is a time that really helps us to better prepare ourselves to live Easter, to renew our confidence and commitment to God's plans. Therefore, we must take advantage of this time that reminds us that we constantly need to convert to the Lord, that it is his grace that can move us and cause us to change. Perhaps we could think that it cannot be changed, but we must bear in mind that we are subject to constant and permanent change since we have been created. Every day is different, every year is different, and without a doubt, today we can be better than we were yesterday, and tomorrow we can be better than we are today.

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