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PRAYING AS A FAMILY in Times of Covid 19.

All of us that are privileged to be parents are responsible for motivating our family members to practice family prayer, in order to give thanks and ask for guidance to our God.

As a priest, I have met and spoken to a large number of parents... and many have admitted that their family prayer practice is irregular and they do not do it most of the time. Others say they try to do it once a day; and others justify by saying that they can never get together the whole family. This light attitude on the vital issue of prayer does not help us much as Christians. The recommendation is that we have frequent family prayer moments.

With my conversations with you, I have realized that many find that the best time to pray as a family is before a meal, which is when most members are at home; these prayers don't have to be long, especially if there are little ones. All members, including small members, should have the opportunity to participate verbally in them.

Prayer can help our families resist the temptations of the enemy, and through prayer we can receive strength and the ability to overcome problems more effectively.

As parents, lets teach our families to pray; and the best way to teach this principle is by example; If we make the effort to pray with them, our children will learn the importance of praying and put it into practice in their lives.

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