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Reflection of the Word of God. 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Behold, the bridegroom!

Come out to meet him!

Today's readings encourage us to turn our lives and concerns into the hands of our God. Ask Him for His gifts, especially WISDOM. In this way to live in peace, to live with more freedom, to put aside the worries of earthly life, such as: what will we eat? What will happen in the future? and our old age ...? that is to live each day, surrendered to God, in his hands, knowing that He can do everything. He is the Lord of history, he loves us and takes care of us! So live wisely! And with Freedom! The freedom of the children of God! Free to love and serve!

The community of the Thessalonians wondered, what happened with their loved ones already deceased? Where were they going? Where are they? Saint Paul enlightens them in the light of the Christian message, of the Christian Kerygma: If we believe that Jesus died for us and ROSE, in the same way we must believe that those who die in Christ, God will take them with Him. And they will live happily ever after in the company of the holy Trinity, in peace and praise for all eternity!

Today's Gospel speaks of far-sighted and prudent people, who know how to behave, are faithful, are supplied with oil to keep their lamps lit, are the light of the world and are the people who listen to the words of Jesus and put them into practice, they are the ones who build their lives on rock. On the other hand, careless people are not foresight, they are not faithful, nor persevering, they do not have the oil for their lamps when they need to fulfill their obligations and be witnesses of the Most High!

FIDELITY AND PERSEVERANCE are the key virtues of this Sunday, with patience and love, we will reach the eternal Kingdom of our Father God and of our Savior Jesus Christ, the Lord!

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