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  • Fr. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God. February 14, 2021

The leper in today's Gospel kept away from everyone because he was considered impure, but when he saw Jesus he approached and, on his knees, asked to be healed. Jesus, feeling pity, touched him to heal him. Christ not only heals, but "touches" and, by touching the impure, he himself should be contaminated, however, the Lord cleanses what was impure and teaches us that there is no impurity that definitively separates us from God.

When we contemplate the cured leper, we must turn our eyes to our lives because also today there are forms of leprosy that separate us from each other. Are we capable of feeling pity, of compassion, or have we become insensitive to the sufferings of others? Compassion invites us to action, to be willing to touch, to do something for others.

Today Jesus also invites us to have the courage to get on our knees and beg him, to touch us and heal ourselves. It must be done with faith and confidence. But we must also approach God in prayer or confession so that he can touch us and, once we are healthy, continue to praise him for everything he has done for us.

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