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REFLECTION OF THE WORD OF GOD. Fourth Sunday of Advent.


Today we light the fourth candle of the Advent Wreath. We are just days away from celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Have we used this Advent season to prepare for this celebration? "Prepare the way of the Lord," John the Baptist shouted. How have we prepared it? Have we advanced on the path of conversion? Are we better people, better believers?

Today's Gospel shows us the good example of Mary, who, even without clearly seeing everything that the angel Gabriel's request implied, she accepted her mission to become the mother of the Savior. Thanks to that response, Our Lord Jesus Christ was able to be born into our fragile human condition. Thanks to her, the Savior has come to us.

An angel announcing to Mary that God would fulfill her word to her people through her, and Mary gave her word that she would cooperate with God's plan. Like her, we too can collaborate in building a better world with our actions, with our example and above all, with our good works. Those Words of the Angel are also for us: "Rejoice ..." "The Lord is with you ...

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