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  • Fr. Tarcisio


The story of the lost and found son represents everyone who, feeling self-sufficient, seeks his freedom at all costs and wants to live his way, without any restriction or limit; until he becomes aware of himself and his situation, he begins to realize what he has lost and decides to embark on the path of return, the path of conversion; he will return to his father, but he will no longer be the same, because the experience he has suffered has changed him, it has led him to hit rock bottom; but he has decided to return, accepting the possible consequences of his actions: rejection, criticism, misunderstanding... However, against everything he expected, his father receives him, forgives him and returns his dignity as a son. But the older brother mistrusts him and does not want to recognize him as his brother, just as the Pharisees acted in relation to the publicans and sinners who approached Jesus.

Once again, the Word of God explains to us what conversion means and the path that must be traveled to achieve it. Lent invites us, precisely to that, to change direction. Many of our mistakes in life will no longer be possible to change them. But if we have learned something from the good and the bad that happens to us, and as long as we have life, we will always be able to improve.

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