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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, June12th, 2022

Sunday Readings:

Prov 8, 22-31; Rom 5, 1-5; Jn 16, 12-15

Jesus invites us to trust in a relationship with God the Father, to faithfully follow in his footsteps as the Son of God made man, and to allow ourselves to be guided and encouraged by the Holy Spirit. He teaches us to open ourselves to the holy mystery of God.

Jesus invites his followers to live as sons and daughters of a close and good God, whom we can all invoke as a beloved Father. Jesus shows us that God is kind and has infinite compassion. We have a God the Father who understands us, loves us, and forgives us like no one else.

Jesus tells us that God the Father wants to build with all his sons and daughters a more human and fraternal world, more just and supportive. For this we need to welcome the Holy Spirit, the force, the impulse, and the vital energy that will make the followers of Jesus his witnesses and collaborators at the service of the great project of the Holy Trinity.

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