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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday February 27 th, 2022

Sunday Readings: Sir 27, 5-8; 1Cor 15, 54-58; Lk 6, 39-45

Hypocrite! Remove the wooden beam from your eye first (Lk 6, 42) The word “hypocrites” that Jesus uses several times against the doctors of the law is addressed to anyone who is dedicated to judging his neighbor. The person who judges becomes so obsessed with what he wants to judge that he is unaware of his own mistakes and failings.

Human beings are inclined to criticize others. We very easily see the defects of others and most of the time we criticize them harshly. We forget that we, too, have flaws, and that our flaws may be even more serious.

Today Jesus invites us to review our life, and correct what is not in accordance with what he teaches us. The authentic Christian life, the faithful following of Jesus as his disciples, is to seek what is good, what is in accordance with the will of God, so that we live in mutual love and respect.

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