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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday, November 19th, 2023

Sunday Readings: Prov 31, 10-13. 19-20. 30-31; 1 Tes 5, 1-6; Mt 25, 14-30

In the gospel, Jesus tells us the parable of the talents that asks us: What have you done with the talents that I gave you? He reminds us that we are servants of the Lord, we must bear fruit. Although we are free, our life depends on it and is a function of it. We are linked to the Lord in many ways and our abilities always come from him.

Each one has received a gift according to his ability. We should not compare ourselves with others, rather we should value what we have received and be responsible for it. Let us not forget it. Life has been given to us not as absolute property, but as a treasure to manage and for which we must give an account to the Lord.

Time is worth a lot. We cannot waste our life, with all its gifts. The Lord will ask us to account for everything he gave us. Our task is to develop our capabilities and all the talents that he puts in our hands based on the project for which we were created.

Fr.. Martin

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