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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday October 16th, 2022

Sunday Readings:

Ex 17, 8-13;

2Tim 3, 14-4,2;

Lk 18,1-8

In the Gospel, Jesus wonders if He will find us as people full of faith by the time He returns again. We live in times in which it seems that faith is diminishing, or, in many cases, even being lost. Is it possible to find that faith of those who truly trust in God, and do justice to those who cry out to Him?

The story of the unjust judge and the poor widow illustrates and highlights the importance of perseverance and persistence. Jesus addresses us, believers, to invite us to check the quality of our faith if we have this faith, that of children who fully trust in God.

It is necessary to pray always and without being discouraged. That constancy and fidelity in prayer is a sign of true faith. By persevering in prayer and good deeds, we will preserve the faith and pass it on to future generations, so that when Jesus returns, he will find this faith on earth.

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