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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday September 12th, 2021

Sunday Readings:

Is 50, 5-9; James 2, 14-18;

Mk 8, 27-35

Jesus asks about the opinions that people had about him. The disciples have heard quite positive opinions: he identifies with the great prophets, such as Elijah, or John the Baptist. Right away, Jesus turns to his apostles and asks them the same question.

The correct answer to that question is not an opinion, but a confession: "You are the Messiah." Not just a prophet, but the one of whom all the prophets spoke, whom the People of Israel waited for, the Savior who was to fulfill all promises.

To confess our faith in Jesus as Peter did, a follow-up experience is required, that is, we need to be in contact with Jesus through prayer and help to those most in need, service to the family and the community.

If we feel that we lack the strength and courage to do good, let us turn to Christ, knowing that we take up the cross to follow Him, in whom we believe, with the confidence that the cross is the victory of love over sin and death, the cross, is the way of salvation.

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