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SAINT MATTHEW, a Multicultural Community

The Church of Saint Mattthew is a great Catholic family made up of thousands of families that have always been welcome to live and celebrate the faith in this community. The diversity of cultures of each of the families has been a mutual enrichment as they are united in one faith. The church of Saint Matthew offers the opportunity to participate in all community activities to grow and strengthen with new volunteer members.

All programs and services are offered in English and Spanish, allowing families to participate in the language that makes them feel at home. Each of our services generates a true sense of unity among the volunteers and families that receive the benefits of the different programs. It is a wonderful experience of unity in diversity where the Holy Spirit generates communion between our cultures of origin. "Every culture proposes positive values ​​and forms that can enrich the way of announcing, conceiving and living the Gospel" (Evangelii Gaudium # 116).

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