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SECOND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME. Reflection of the Word of God

In the first reading, a persistent call awakened young Samuel, and it was his mentor Eli who recognized him for what it was: a call from God. The Lord woke Samuel up, and Samuel had some trouble identifying God's call. However, Eli helped him to know how to listen and respond to that voice of the Lord.

As I reflect on my own life experience, I ask myself: Who in my life has been a mentor and helped me to listen to the voice of God? Who has been an instrument helping me to discern my mission in life? How is God speaking in my life today? Certainly, throughout my own life, I can identify different people who have become mentors to me. That have helped me to know how to walk and make decisions. I imagine that if you also do the exercise of identifying people who have been present in your lives, helping you to know how to identify a good walk and behavior, you will find them; since we have all had those unconditional friends / brothers / parents who are interested in our well-being.

I personally have to put my parents first; Mom and Dad have always been the best of my guides and role models. Although my dad is still the person I look for when I need help at any time, I also have friends, whom I can identify as mentors, since with their example and friendship, I can identify situations or experiences in which I need to improve. They are always close, and talking with them is simply a light in my walk.

The question now is towards ourselves; It may be easy to identify those who have been mentors to us, but … Can I identify a time when I myself helped someone to hear God's voice in their life? That is, in which I have been a mentor to someone. It would be good, and Christianly responsible, for each of us to seek opportunities to help those who need help to know how to identify the voice of the Lord in their walk. Let's follow the example of Elí, from today's first reading, and be attentive to all those who are around us, and who perhaps, due to different circumstances, have not been able to overcome the challenges that are presented to them in their daily lives or they simply have not been able to open their ears to the Lord.

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