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  • Fr. Tarcisio

SEVENTH SUNDAY OF EASTER. The Ascension of the Lord.

In his Ascension, Jesus entrusts his mission to the apostles. The Holy Spirit will give them strength to be witnesses of him throughout the world. And so, a new stage begins; he will no longer be with them physically; now it is up to his disciples to continue with the proclamation of the Good news, the Gospel, and with the construction of the Kingdom of God.

"Go all over the world and preach the Gospel to all creatures." To carry out this mission, it is necessary to know the Gospel, the message that he taught us and wants us to share not only with humanity, but with all creation. But how many of us are content with knowing some parts of his message? How many of us are content to remember only those things that are not uncomfortable for us or that question our way of thinking or living? That is why it is necessary to first know the gospel and live according to what it asks of us.

Today Jesus reminds us that, as Christians, we have the mission to announce his message to all creation, without fear; because we will have the presence and strength of the Holy Spirit. Only with his help can we prevail over evil, we will find a way to communicate and although the dangers may be many, they will not harm us.

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