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St. Mark Evangelist

As with all saints in general, the feast of Saint Mark is the day he died. On April 25, AD 68, he was swept through the streets of Alexandria by his faith in Christ. During all that time he never stopped praising God, offering his sufferings.

We know of Saint Mark mainly through his writing, the Gospel according to Saint Mark. In addition to the Scriptures, it is also known that he accompanied Paul and Barnabas on their travels. And from Tradition, it is known that he was the secretary of Saint Peter and the founder of the Church in Alexandria, Egypt.

Saint Mark is known by three names in the Scriptures, the best known being the Greek name Mark, used among the Gentiles (Acts 15:39). He is also called by his Jewish birth name, John (Acts 13:5-13), and by both, John Mark (Acts 12:12, 15:37).

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