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  • P. Martin

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 15th.

Each feast of the Virgin Mary brings us closer to her Son through her maternal union with Him. The Immaculate Virgin preserved immune from all stains of original sin, finished the course of her life on earth, was assumed body and soul into the glory of heaven, and exalted by God as Queen of the universe. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is an anticipation of the resurrection of other Christians (CCC, 966).

The Virgin Mary is an example for the Church and a model for every Christian. The praying presence of Mary in the nascent Church is also confirmed in the Church of all times, because She, assumed into heaven, has not abandoned her mission of intercession as the Bible tells us: "All these devoted themselves with one accord to prayer, together with some women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers." (Acts 1: 14).

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