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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023

“Do good; seek justice”

(Isaiah 1: 17)

The week of Prayer for Christian unity is an effort made by various Churches to seek unity and harmony among Christians. Traditionally, the week of prayer is celebrated between January 18 and 25, between the feasts of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is coordinated annually by the World Council of Churches, with the participation of a community of 352 churches from more than 120 countries, representing more than 580 million Christians worldwide.

The theme, taken from the first chapter of the Book of Isaiah, reflects his concern for the oppressed who suffer from injustice and inequality fed by hypocrisy that leads to disunity. He teaches that God requires righteousness and justice from all of us, to create the peace and unity that God desires. These virtues originate in God's love for all, and racism runs counter to this vision. Isaiah's challenge to do good and seek justice together applies equally to us today.

Fr. Tarcisio

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