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  • Fr. Claudio

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?

The Lord Jesus began his public life preaching the Kingdom of Heaven and proclaiming its arrival among us. His theme of the Kingdom was the central theme of his preaching and the reference point of most of his Parables, as well as the content of his prophetic actions and his entire ministry.

What is this reign? He never defines it in a concrete way because it is a reality with many meanings. In this Sunday's Gospel he uses three images taken from daily life and adapted to the reality of those who heard his message.

It is worth investing everything in the purchase of land where we know that there is a valuable hidden treasure that sooner or later we will find.

A pearl so fine and precious that to acquire it it does not matter to lose all the others. A fishing net that attracts all kinds of fish, but not all of them are chosen for quality nutrient food. The fisherman has to discern and choose the best fish. Human beings must be convinced that the Kingdom of God is the most valuable thing we can find and we must be willing to put it before any other good.

Fr. Claudio

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