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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? August 13, 2023. 19th Sunday Ordinary Time

The prophet Elijah was fleeing for his life from the threats of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel. And, as often happens, in the midst of life's dangers and problems, Elijah has difficulty feeling God's presence; on the contrary, he feels alone and abandoned. But God makes him to experience his presence, he manifests to him as the Lord of life, who restores peace and serenity.

The group of twelve disciples of Jesus were frightened as they faced the waves that were hitting their boat. When Jesus is not with them, everything seems more difficult. Only Jesu s' words managed to remove the fear that had gripped them and also calm the wind and waves that whipped them.

Peter, in an attempt to recognize Jesus and share the strength of his faith, asked to walk on the water, but he sank. During his exercise of leadership at the head of the group of twelve, Peter will also face doubts and fear, but he will be able to overcome difficulties when he holds on tightly to the hand of the Lord. So also we do the same, in the midst of storms, let’s raise our hands to hold the help that comes from God.

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