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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? August 8 2021

The First Book of Kings presents us an episode in the life of the prophet Elijah, who is going through a deep personal crisis, because in the face of persecution, fatigue and loneliness, it seems that he gives up and no longer wants to live. It is then that the Lord comes out to meet him and gives him what he needs to move on. Certainly, our body needs material food to be strong and healthy, to live. However, not only food and drink are necessary, but the food of love, the security that gives us feeling saved, and valuing ourselves.

In this context we can understand that Jesus presents himself as the True Bread from Heaven. Just as we need food to live, so we also need spiritual bread for eternal life. Jesus is that bread for the life of the world.

What do we need to keep us moving forward as Christians? Our faith and trust in God. That faith is kept alive and growing in us through our intimate relationship with Christ. He nurtures this faith and love in us with the food and drink of his Word, and with the strength that the Eucharist provides.

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