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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? January 23rd 2022

First Reading (Neh 8:2-6.8-10): The Word of God moved and inspired the people

Second Reading (1Cor 12,12-30 or 12,12-14.27): Each one has his role in the Body.

Gospel (Lk 1,1-4; 4,14-21): Today the Good News is fulfilled in Jesus

This Sunday's readings invite us to reflect on the importance of reading the Bible in our communities. In the book of Nehemiah, we have heard how excitedly the people of Israel participated in the reading of the Holy Scriptures. It was a day of celebration and great joy. And the reading was accompanied by an explanation by the priests.

In the gospel we also find Jesus participating with his community in the synagogue. He himself offered to read the passage from the prophet Isaiah, and also to make an explanation of the reading. Everyone was surprised by the brevity of his words, and the directness of his message: "This very day this passage of Scripture that you just heard has been fulfilled." Although the Bible, the Word of God, tells us about events of the past, its message retains all its relevance for the reality that we have to live today. As believers, we must make an effort to read and listen to the Word of God to illuminate our walk, remembering that the Bible is like a letter from God to all humanity.

Every time we participate in the Eucharist, we have the opportunity to listen to the readings from the Bible. But it is necessary to participate willingly and eager to listen to what God tells us, knowing that He speaks to us through his Word and will always have something for us, if we pay attention to Him.

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