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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? July 9th, 2023

The God revealed by Jesus Christ is love and is mercy. He is a God who leans towards the little and despised of the world. He gladly manifests himself in the common experience of little people. It is not that he despises the wise and understanding, in fact, in the history of salvation he has called many of them and even people possessing great human wealth... But beyond material goods and human science, what counts for God it is the humility of simple people. Jesus himself is an example of humility, since he took our fallen condition to rise up and elevate us towards him. He never tries to put us down or intimidate us. That is why he sets himself as an example, He is the teacher... and we the disciples who must learn from him. In addition, the task that he imposes on us is not impossible, it is a bearable burden and Christ becomes our Cyrenean. Let us learn from Jesus who is patient and humble of heart. Our God is good and his mercy is eternal. He exalts the humble, but he humbles the wicked. He is good to everyone. He slow to anger and rich in mercy.

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