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  • P. Tarcisio

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? October 15th, 2023

Whenever in our families there is an important reason to celebrate, such as a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, a goal achieved, we enjoy preparing a banquet and inviting our family and friends to make them part of our joy.

This image of the banquet is what today's readings present to us to explain the Kingdom of God.

The prophet Isaiah describes the time of the Messiah-Savior as a festive banquet. All people will attend this banquet and find in God the fullness of life and happiness.

For its part, the parable of the wedding guests in the Gospel of Matthew shows us another aspect of this festive moment. What happens when the guests at the banquet do not want to attend? What happens if, having been invited, they do not present themselves with dignity, with a cheerful attitude, without the proper dress?

We are all invited to participate in this joy in the house of God, we are invited to sit at his table. Let us not reject his invitation.

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