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What is the Creed or Symbol of Faith?

The term CREED comes from the Latin CREDO, which means "I believe." We have two fundamental creeds that we use in our celebrations of worship: the “Apostles Creed”, and the “Nicene Creed”. As we recite and affirm these creeds, we join with Christians from around the world and from all ages to affirm our faith in the one God who created, redeemed, and sanctified us.

THE APOSTLES 'CREED is the one we usually pray in our community of Saint Matthew, it is an early Christian statement of faith used by a wide variety of Christian groups, including Roman Catholics, many Orthodox churches, the Anglican church and also many Protestant churches. Despite its name, the Apostles' Creed was not written by the biblical apostles, but originated after the life of the apostles, but it contains a very important and essential summary of our faith.

THE NICEAN CREED (the longer version) was the result of the Council of Nicaea in 325. The creed emphasizes the doctrine of the Trinity in response to the teachings of Arius, a clergyman who denied the divinity of the Son, the second person of the Trinity. As a formula of faith, the Creed sums up what we believe. But more than a formula, the Creed is our testimony of faith as a community of believers through the centuries.

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