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What is the meaning of the word Amen?

Amen is a word whose use in the Hebrew language is very old. From the etymological point of view, “amen” is a Hebrew word derived from the Hebrew verb “love”, which is used to reinforce or confirm something since, basically, it means: ‘For the record’ or ‘in truth’.

This word has no equivalent in Western languages, for this reason its meaning must be assimilated rather than translated as a response to something firm, stable or unshakable. This is why the Judeo-Christian tradition has kept this word unchanged without translating it, since any translation impoverishes the original meaning of the word, which is used in relation to the sacred because, strictly speaking, Amen can only be said in reference to God.

It is clear then that this word is a word of Semitic origin and with time its use was extended to Christianity; This is why the term "amen" is widely used in the Bible. The term 'amen' is used to confirm something: 'so be it', or to affirm that something has to be: 'so be it'. This word is one of the most frequent liturgical acclamations as it is generally used as a formula to conclude prayers.

To pronounce this word is to proclaim that what has just been said is considered true, with the aim of ratifying a proposition or joining it or a sentence. For this reason, expressed in a group manner in the context of a divine service or religious service, it also means "to agree" with what has been expressed.

The word Amen is an expression that Jesus uses in the Gospels to start a discourse giving it a connotation of solidity and forcefulness, for this He said: "Truly, truly I tell you."

Source: aleteia

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