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World Day of Cultural Diversity

Every year, on 21st May, UNESCO leads the celebration of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development highlighting not only the richness of the world’s cultures, but also the essential role of intercultural dialogue for achieving peace and sustainable development.

It is a day set aside to appreciate the cultural diversities between different countries, states, and people in the World. This day is of serious importance as three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension. That is a really big slice of the pie being culture-related. This has led to efforts by the United Nations and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to curb this in a bid to achieve one of its major objectives — bringing peace into the World.

Cultural diversity can be seen through various manifestations: religious beliefs, music, language, art, work and in all human activity. Because in everything we do, people reflect our culture as a community, society or nation. And these particular characteristics are not only beautiful, but also enrich our spiritual, moral, affective and intellectual life.

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