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We Believe?


The Cathedral of Saint Matthew, is an authentically Catholic community because it can trace its apostolic succession to the first apostles, it faithfully adheres to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and participates in the sacramental ministry of the Holy Catholic Church.


Part of the transition from Catholicism Ecumenical Independent, along with other Old Catholics, Anglicans and many other branches of the Church who profess the Catholic and Apostolic Faith.


The Cathedral of Saint Matthew, is not a Roman Catholic community, but an independent Ecumenical Catholic Community. The old and historic term that defines the Church as a "Catholic" comes from Greek and means "Univeral", ie, has no limitation in time or place. Thus, the church is the new community of salvation created by God through Jesus Christ for all mankind.


The Cathedral of Saint Matthew, is a Catholic community that welcomes everyone in Christ. It is part of the Catholic Church, which is one and holy, created by God to bring together all people of all times and places, as described in all ancient creeds of Christendom.

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