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     The word acolyte derives from the Greek ἀκόλουθος akolouthos, which means "following" or "accompanying", "the helper".


The Ministry of Acolyte has it´s roots in the Old Testament, where the Prophet Samuel is seen attending Eli, the Levite priest.                                            

Acolytes are ministers who assist the priest at every celebration of the liturgy and processions. Play various roles: accompanying the priest, taking high cross, on and / or carrying candles; they present the Gospel book or the Missal, carry to the altar the bread, wine and water; remove the sacred vessels. They particiate to assist the liturgical order and beauty, as well as encourage participation, devotion of faithful.


 All Christians are called to serve


Acolyte,  has the privilege of expressing and  living this vocation in the service of liturgy

If you want to be part of this ministry,

please contact any of our priests.

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