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Wednesday 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm


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What is the Bible?


It is the most widespread and translated book in the world. It is a sacred book, the book of the faith of millions of people, from many centuries ago. Above all, it is the central document of the Hebrew religion (Old Testament) and Christian (Old and New Testament). It is a book that contains the history of Israel, of Jesus Christ and the first Christian communities, which transmits an extraordinary humanity message: God reveals himself and makes himself known to men and inviting them to meet and perform with him his plan of salvation that is built in the History.


The Bible is a literary text at the same time similar and different from any other text. Similar, as it is written by human hands, they have used methods, tools and own categories of time in which they lived. Different, because according to the faith of the Church, announces the word of God. The Bible is therefore the word of God expressed in human language.


The Bible can be defined by its contents as the history of the revelation of God in order to the salvation of mankind in Jesus Christ.



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