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To Know, Love & Serve Jesus

To know Jesus Christ personally, to love him with all your heart and to follow him on a daily basis is undoubtedly the characteristics of our life as Disciples of Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ makes a statement that is worth remembering: "This is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and the one you have sent, Jesus Christ." (Jn 17,3)

Once we have experienced the love of Jesus Christ at some stage of our life, it is then our knowledge of the Lord begins in a special and unique way. In Jesus Christ we have eternal life if we know him thoroughly, if we succumb to him; because it is not about simply knowing, as we know someone's name. It is a deep knowledge that leads us to devote ourselves with all the love to the beloved person.

The knowledge of Jesus leads us to love Jesus; but love, in turn, leads us to the ever greater knowledge of Jesus Christ. And whoever loves you can see it in everything he does. And love leads us to imitate the virtues of the beloved. The desire to do something for the beloved person is automatically born, and then the following of Jesus arises. We become his followers because we know him and we love him.

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