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  • Fr. Martin

XIII Sunday Ordinary Time June 30 2019

Jesus scolds his disciples because they suggested exterminating those who opposed receiving them. In today's gospel, in addition to renouncing violence, Jesus also asks to renounce the desire to obtain any material advantage if we choose to follow it. In short, today is a good day to purify the motivations of our following of Christ.

Jesus reminds us today that he does not even have a place to rest his head. And, the one that follows him has to be willing to do everything, even to lose material advantages and securities if the circumstances require it. It will not always be like this, but the following of Christ and the confession of faith contain risks that must be considered and that we must always be willing to face.

St. Paul, for example, by becoming a disciple and apostle of Christ, not only lost his former assurances and his power (change of life), but he had to face all kinds of setbacks and dangers (scourged, imprisoned, persecuted). Jesus calls us to follow him and the call is urgent, because the Kingdom of God has already been present and requires radical decisions. What should I answer?

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