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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?

First Reading (Gen 18,20-32): Before Abraham's insistent prayer, God is willing to forgive sinful cities in consideration of a handful of good and just people. This episode of the book of Genesis is an example of perseverance in prayer. Abraham got what he asked for thanks to his insistence and knowing that God is always merciful.

Gospel (Lk 11,1-13): The "Our Father" prayer is one of the best known and prayed petitions in the world. However, by force of repeating it, it may have become one more formula among others, and when we pray it we are not aware of what we are really asking God for.

When Jesus wanted to explain to his disciples the importance and need of prayer, he did it through a parable, that of the inopportune friend who will ask for a favor at midnight. Because Jesus' prayer is not that of the one who asks selfishly for his own sake but that of the one who intercedes for his brothers. Therefore, we can be sure that God hears and answers our prayer, but first we must ask, seek and knock. In prayer it is not about waiting for things to be resolved without doing anything, but it is about putting first on our part and the rest, God will provide

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