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In our community of Saint Matthew, it is a necessity to use social networks and other Social Media. Thanks to them we can reach more people and maintain constant communication with the members of our community and with those who wish to receive the announcement of the Good News of Jesus.

 After the Covid 19 pandemic, we were forced to focus more on the use of these wonderful media, promoting the cathedral's website, the Facebook page, the YouTube Channel, and also using Instagram and Spotify... Since then, we broadcast the celebration of the Eucharist on Facebook live and YouTube. Every day we publish a video with the prayer of a mystery of the rosary or reflection on the Word of God, we share Reels, Podcasts, Classes, Prayer, Events and other activities...


 This is how the number of people who know and follow the Church of Saint Matthew in different countries has increased. Therefore, we invite you to subscribe to our social networks, watch and share the videos and information we publish with your contacts. Behind all the content we share on social networks, there is a great effort to create content, to edit, to publish, using the technological resources we have at our disposal.


Youtube: Catedral de San Mateo Houston

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