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  • P. Tarcisio

Reflection of the Word of God, 4th Sunday of Easter, April 30, 2023

Peter's speech in the Acts of the Apostles is a call to recognize and accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God. No one should feel excluded, because his promises of salvation are for everyone who repents of his sins and lives to do good.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus is compared to the gate of the sheep, and as the true shepherd. The door serves to protect from dangers and cover in stormy times. The door allows us to enter and exit when we hear the voice of the true shepherd, a shepherd who knows his own by name.

Today Jesus presents himself as a friend who knows us and calls us to walk with him on the path of life. He sustains and protects us, come what may; and he shows us the way to go, under his protection. However, many of us don't follow him, because we haven't met him yet or we don't want to repent of our sins. But we are all invited to believe and trust him.

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