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  • P. Tarcisio

Sacrament of Confirmation

On Saturday, June 17th, we will be celebrating Confirmations in our community of Saint Matthew. We are happy for all the young people and adults who will receive this sacrament. Our desire is that the faith in Christ that they have received and accepted continues to strengthen in their lives and they become mature Christians committed to their faith.

The Catechesis course has come to an end, but the experience of Christian values continues every day, to the extent that we allow the Holy Spirit to act in our lives. It is time to put into practice the observance of the commandments that we have learned. It is time to illuminate our lives by carefully reading the Bible, the Word of God. It is time to continue feeding ourselves with the spiritual food that the Eucharist offers us. It is time to convert through the frequent examination of conscience and the practice of the sacrament of confession. In short, it is time to live Christianly, because we have consciously confirmed our faith.

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