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The Devotion to the Virgin Mary

In the Catholic Church, devotion to Mary is very important in the life of faith of believers. We do not come to her as if she were a goddess. We ask her, as the Hail Mary prayer says, that she "pray for us" to God, that she intercedes for us.

Perhaps the clearest example of this task of intercession is found in the biblical passage of the Wedding in Canaan, when she and Jesus were invited. She was the one who realized that they were running out of wine and, as a good mother, she turned to who she knew could help them, her Son. Her words also express her role in the history of salvation, when she confidently tells the servants: "Do whatever He tells you ..." and the miracle happened (Jn 2: 1-12).

Mary occupies that special place as our intercessor because she is the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus Christ (Mt 1:16,18; 2:11; 1:42-43). As a human being, as a woman, as a mother ... she understands us more than anyone in our weakness and our needs. In the Gospels we find her always attentive and ready to help others (Lk 1:36.39-40. Acts 1:14).

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