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The Liturgical Year

Next Sunday, November 22nd, with the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe, the Liturgical Year ends. The liturgical year is called the time between the first Sunday of Advent and this Solemnity of Christ the King, and during this period we celebrate and remember the most important events in the history of Salvation.

The liturgical calendar follows three cycles of biblical readings; Each one of these years or cycles is represented by the letters, A, B and C, that is why each year we read different readings for each mass. During Cycle A, the Gospel of Matthew is the primary Gospel used for the readings. In year B, Mark is the primary Gospel. In year C, Luke is the primary Gospel.

There are six seasons in each cycle of the liturgical calendar: * Advent * Christmas * Lent * Easter Triduum * Holy Week * Ordinary Time. In this way, those who regularly attend Mass reflect on the great interventions of God in our history, especially the birth of Jesus, his childhood, his public life; his death and resurrection. In addition to the activity of the disciples of Jesus in their task of preaching the message of the gospel throughout the world. Each stage illuminates and accompanies the events that we live in the present of our personal and community history.

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